Ashness Bridge overlooking Derwentwater


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Frame Size: 21¼” (537mm) x 17⅛” (435mm)
Painting Size: 15⅛” (384mm) x 10⅜” (264mm)
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Ashness Bridge overlooking Derwentwater, Cumbria.

I can remember visiting this area many years ago. When I stood on the small, packhorse bridge, with its walls only as high as my knee, it did feel a little precarious and I did not fully appreciate the thinking behind its construction. I realised later, building the walls higher was not an option because the bridge was so narrow that the laden horses would wedge their packs between them! The photograph I used for reference was taken in early spring, this gave the opportunity of painting Derwentwater and the mountains, without them being hidden from view behind the foliage of the line of trees.

My inspiration was taken from a painting by Geoff Kelsey