Presque Isle Lighthouse on Lake Erie


Frame Size: 21″ (536mm) x 17″ (432mm)
Painting Size: 14¾” (376mm) x 9¾” (248mm)

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Presque Isle Lighthouse on Lake Erie.

Constructed in 1872/1873, this lighthouse is one of three protecting shipping on Lake Erie. Originally the tower was built 40 feet high, but in 1896 a further 17 feet was added. Although a square tower outside, the inner staircase is circular with five bricks thick walls. The house was for the residence of the lighthouse keeper and his family until 1944. Nowadays, the lighthouse still serves as an aid to navigation but is open for public viewing during the summer months. Just a basic look at the history then, but more information can be found on the Lake Erie Lighthouses website.

Why are so many people attracted to paint this lighthouse? Well, I was drawn to the balanced composition of trees either side on the higher sand dunes leading the eye to the building. It gave me the feeling of a great place to live in the peace and quiet of the countryside. However, I have seen a modern photo where the land has been flattened, the trees removed to make way for fences and concrete paths. In my view, completely destroying the tranquil magic it originally displayed!

My inspiration was taken from a painting by Geoff Kelsey