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Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain


Frame Size: 30″ (762mm) x 20″ (508mm)
Painting Size: 23⅓” (594mm) x 13⅓” (340mm)

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Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain

I visited Stonehenge to learn a little more about this well-known ancient heritage site. My intention was to take photographs in readiness for painting it. It wasn't long before the clouds came, so as there's absolutely nowhere to shelter, I anticipated getting a good soaking. However, the God's must have been looking down on me. Not only did it not rain, but it also gave me a dramatic sky right over the monument, just when I had my camera at the ready!

Without going into too much detail, (I'm a complete novice - but there are plenty of good articles to read). I thought this view is one of the best places to give an insight into the mystery of Stonehenge. The Avenue passes the large Heel Stone and Slaughter Stone by the "Henge" (ditch) to the large sarsens. Over the top of these stones is one of the remaining massive upright trilithon stones which formed a horseshoe shape inside. It is from here the sun's rays shines directly in line with the Heel Stone on the summer and winter solstice. If you are interested in learning more about Stongehenge take a look at the English Heritage website.