Great Spotted Woodpecker


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Frame Size: 12″(305mm) x 15″(380mm)
Painting Size: 7¼”(185mm) x 9½”(242mm)
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Great Spotted Woodpecker - Female

A little different to what I normally choose to paint, getting away from "landscapes". When shown this photograph, which had been taken in a back garden, I decided to try painting it. I recognised the bird, but had to search for further details. Apparently, the easiest way to differentiate between a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is by size. The latter being about the same size as sparrows, but this bird is larger - about the size of a blackbird. The male can be identified by the red colouring on the back of his neck, whereas the female's is the same black as her body and wings.